I am so thrilled you have found me and my little online space.

I'm Jules Theis, a Canadian expat living in Cannes. I am a photographer/content creator, writer, Instagram addict, and creative consultant. If it gets my creative juices flowing I am all for it!


I believe I was born with a creative soul and my joy is to help brands and business owners harness their own creativity to ensure their brand's visual story is beautiful and well received by clients online. We live in a visual world where people decide whether they like something or not within seconds of seeing a picture and reading a caption on their social media. As crazy as it seems that's just how it is, and I know exactly what imagery can not only attract people, but also keep them long enough to want to know more.

Whether a business owner is in the early stages of creating their brand or many years into the journey, I can help bring a fresh approach to ensuring a brand is successful online. It's about making an epic first impression to get the followers with beautiful imagery, maintaining that following with captivating captions and consistent posting, and turning a loyal fanbase into clients and customers through expressing your brand clearly and authentically. This is what works and what I do best!

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Welcome! Can-Can Content is the hub for all things creative in the South of France. Jules offers a variety of services to boost a brand's social media platforms. Through beautiful and captivating content, inspiring writing, and a strategic posting schedule Jules will transform your online presence to turn  your followers into real life clients.

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